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Cosmetics & Beauty Industry Research

Beauty and cosmetics encompasses far more than just makeup. From skin care products to luxury spas, it’s a diverse, highly-competitive and multi-billion-dollar industry. How can you stand out from the cluttered marketplace?

Successful beauty brands connect with their consumers. That’s why we’ve created an approach to beauty industry research that is both data-driven and personal. Discover how our research methods help beauty brands strengthen their messaging and connect with shoppers.

Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches to Beauty & Cosmetic Industry Research

Image of a woman putting moisturizer on her face as part of cosmetics market research
Qualitative Consumer Insights

Create eye-catching packaging, product displays, and digital shopping experiences for your customers with Insights in Marketing qualitative approach to cosmetics industry research.

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Image of beauty products arranged around a purse in cosmetics market research display
Statistics & Quantitative Data

Make the most impact in your next marketing campaign with data-driven beauty market research. Find out more about Insight’s in Marketing quantitative approach and research techniques like objectivity tests and pricing analytics.

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Image of a woman's hands testing a skin care product as part of cosmetics research group
Powerful Fast Market Research

Relaunching a product or rolling out something new? Get immediate insights into online and in-person shopper trends with iimPronto. Insights in Marketing quick turn solutions expedite beauty industry research to help brands stay agile.

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