Most consumers purchase household goods simply out of habit, with some buying products out of established brand loyalty. But that doesn’t mean consumer behavior remains stagnant and neither should your consumer durable goods market research.

Transform consumer habits in the household products industry with a fresh marketing approach from Insights in Marketing and enjoy reading some of our favorite case studies in the household products and consumer durables industry.

Quantitative Market Analytics

Insights in Marketing puts quantitative data to use by bringing a fresh perspective to the household goods market. Use quantitative surveys, pricing analytics, product testing, and more to create your next, eye-catching marketing campaign.

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Qualitative Consumer Data

Make a statement in your next marketing campaign with qualitative insights from Insights in Marketing. Our consumer durables market research gives brands a new and refreshed perspective on the people that purchase their goods everyday.

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Fast Market Research & Quick Solutions

Since the consumer durables industry moves fast, you need to pick a marketing strategy that does the same. Insights in Marketing quick turn solutions give brands same-day results so they can make the biggest impact.

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