Katie Wilson

Marketing Manager

Smart, simple and creative sums up Katie Wilson’s approach to marketing and research.
She believes in solid, tried and true methodologies, but is a quick study and inspires our
clients and team to always listen to the voice of the consumer and think outside the box.

Always willing to partner with our team and clients to get the job done right, Katie not
only delivers great end results—she adds fun, laughter and a bit of humor while doing it.
Her consumer advocacy inspires innovation, and she is the mastermind behind our case
studies, Insights Suite newsletter, and consumer insights blog.

Insights about Katie:

If Katie were a brand, she would be: Apple
Smart, simple, and creative.
My research superpower: Consumer Advocacy.

I am a pure consumer advocate. Everything I create, review, or communicate has the end
consumer in mind. I love engaging consumers and making them part of the innovation
process, and seeing products move from conception to the shelf.