Michelle Davis

Strategy and Enablement Manager

Meet IIM’s Futurist, Michelle Davis

Pinpointing trends and visionary thinking are Michelle Davis’s strengths, and as our strategy and enablement manager, she inspires creativity and innovation. She’s passionate about understanding people’s unique perspectives, and she partners with clients and collaborates with our team to uncover game-changing ideas.

Michelle is dynamic, determined, approachable —and always puts clients first. She cultivates partnerships, delivers great experiences, and inspires people to love market research.

And when it comes to understanding people and the marketing landscape, Michelle is a dynamo. Our team leans in on her ability to future-proof businesses, and she has a strong track record identifying target markets, generating sales leads, organizing teams, and spearheading complex projects.

As a forward-thinker, Michelle always anticipates future needs, and she loves the way consumer insights have the power to accelerate business growth.

Insights about Michelle

In addition to loving research, Michelle is passionate about staying active, enjoys sports and hiking, and loves spending time with family and friends at markets, fairs, and concerts.

If Michelle were a brand, she would be: TOMS Shoes

She believes in helping others and doing the right thing with utmost honesty.

Michelle’s research superpower: Owning it

She earns trust, gains respect, and cultivates relationships through collaboration and honest communication.