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A Bit About Us

For more than 3 decades, we have been helping our clients make the best decisions for their brands.
As we all search for greater happiness and fulfillment in our work, we know our clients want more than just data, insights and the daily grind. This is why in addition to always delivering actionable insights with clear and concise business recommendations, we place great priority on providing engaging and memorable experiences our clients and our research participants have come to love and trust.

“Brands need a true business partner to help them grow in this ever-changing world. It’s up to us to consult, advise and provide solutions (and answers) to the toughest challenges. Together we will create an experience that clients trust while helping them find excitement in doing research.”

—Ron Raskin, CEO

Over the years we have been proud to work with and influence brands like Gatorade, Bath and Body Works, Frito Lay, MolsonCoors, Hershey’s, Farmers Insurance, Purple, Snapchat and so many more.

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Our Core


What we live by...

We Demand

We’re experts who take pride in knowing and developing our craft

We Own It

We earn trust and gain respect through responsible actions and honest communication

We Put

We cultivate partnering relationships, deliver great experiences and inspire clients to love research

We Embrace

We recognize the unique value, circumstances and potential in everyone

We’re Better

We build upon each other for strength and success

The IIM Difference

We don’t do pretentious or stuffy.
Our office is vibrant, our culture is casual and our workspace is flexible.
When you need quiet, you can grab an office and when you seek collaboration, our ideation room and open environment are ready for you!

IIM is about hiring talented people and giving them the autonomy to succeed so no one is ever “checking in” on you; however, we think having an expert team at your disposal is invaluable. So, we encourage everyone to reach out and connect with team members when they want advice, a second opinion or even just some human socialization.

Open Positions

How We Stand Apart

We don’t just say we support our staff; we do it. We place a high value on the well-being of our employees, prioritizing everything from culture to benefits to the caliber of projects. We want you to feel valued—because you really are.





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