IIM Study Explains Gen Z Spending Habits

IIM Study Explores Gen Z Spending Habits

Discover how Gen Z is disrupting the credit card industry As the holiday shopping season heats up, we are…

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Generation Z Males

What Matters Most to Gen Z Men?

Five Key Consumer Insights to Earn Brand Loyalty  A Purpose-Driven Generation Gen Z is on track to be the…

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Gen Z Social Changemakers

What Matters Most to the Next Gen Woman?

Five Key Insights to Authentically Connect With Generation Z  Tween, teen, and twenty-something women are…

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Navigating the 2023 Holiday Shopping Landscape: The Role of Social Media Marketplaces

The holiday shopping season of 2023 is witnessing a transformative shift, thanks to the burgeoning influence of social…

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How Consumers Will Shop This Holiday Season: A Guide for Retailers

The holiday shopping season is here, and retailers need to be ready for the changing consumer behavior and preferences…

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Introducing How IIMforum Can Revolutionize Brands

In today’s fast-changing business world, market research is like a secret sauce for successful strategies. Meet…

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Ethnographic Research

Qualitative Ethnographic Research Methods and ApproachesEthnographies have proven to be a very effective research…

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How Market Research Keeps Product Innovation Relevant and Profitable

Product Innovation is all about staying relevant.But the fear – and cost – of failure can be huge hurdles to overcome.…

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Disruptive Innovation: How to Earn a Place in Consumers Hearts’ and Shopping, Forever

Truly Disruptive Innovation Endures The Test of Time...and has the power to shape consumer behavior, modify habits and…

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