Delivering Insightful Results With Quantitative Market Research

With an artful approach to quantitative market research, we weave statistical-based techniques with interpersonal methods to uncover the concrete data behind your target market’s wants, needs, and desires. Find out more about quantitative market research services and our integrated approach to combining past and syndicated research points to paint a world-class picture of your brand’s products, services, and, of course, consumers.

Our Quantitative Solutions

When it comes to quantitative research, digging into insight is more than just what we do, it’s our passion. We have an innate curiosity and eagle-eye observation that allows us to focus on the insights that matter most to your brand.

Concept, Package, Product or Service Optimization and Evaluation

Optimize and test concepts, package designs or structures, products or service ideas and/or prototypes and let quantitative research data help drive the decision on what moves forward into the next phase of development and what goes back for further optimization.

  • Concept Screening and/or Testing
  • Concept/Product Fit Testing
  • Package Testing
  • Product/Prototype Testing

Brand Equity and Awareness Evaluation and Tracking

Curious to know more about the true value of your brand and its point of difference vs. your competitors? With our quantitative research solutions, you can learn everything about your brand’s equity and awareness and monitor its progress as your messaging gains momentum.

  • Brand Awareness Research
  • Brand Equity Research
  • Advertising Testing & Optimization
  • Brand Positioning Testing

Pricing Optimization and Testing

Our pricing research and analytics leverage a variety of statistical models to help optimize your brand’s in-market price. Our approaches allow for “what if” testing based on your and competitive pricing changes. Reach out to us today to learn more about our quantitative market research approaches to solving even the toughest pricing challenges.


Our Segmentation approach applies a statistical process to survey data to divide consumers into distinctly different segments. Segmentation research helps support the development of optimal strategies for targeting, communication, and new product development so you can improve your brand in ways that matter most to those who use your products every day.

Attitudes & Usage

As a leader in quantitative market research who’s worked with consumers in almost every industry imaginable, we understand exactly how to get to the important motivations and attitudes that drive consumer choices. Find out more about our rigorous approach to data-driven consumer attitudes and habits research.

  • Attitudes & Usage Research
  • Consumer Habits Research

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