Effortless and Efficient
Virtual Market Research

Experience Market Research With a Human Touch In a Digital World.

Introducing SpeakEasy™

Guided by our core values of fun, engagement, creativity, and intelligence, we crafted SpeakEasy™ – a bespoke, user-friendly platform. SpeakEasy™ is an online platform designed by Insights in Marketing to transform the market research experience. With a dedicated project manager and technical support advisor, engage with expertly screened consumer groups in a fun, engaging, and smart environment.
This platform is more than just a tool; it’s a reflection of our ethos, designed to replicate the richness and effectiveness of in-person interactions in a digital space.

With SpeakEasy™, we’re refining virtual market research to be an enjoyable, insightful, and dynamic experience, true to the spirit of IIM.

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Why SpeakEasy™ Stands Out

  • Dedicated Project Manager for Single Point of Contact
  • In-House Technical Support Advisor
  • Seamless Integration with Third-Party Technology
  • Best-in-Class Consumer Screening Practices

  • Engaging Online Discussion Group Moderation
  • Unsurpassed Market Research Analysis and Consumer Insights
  • Flexible Scheduling for All Parties
  • Intuitive Online Platform for Easy Research

The folks at SpeakEasy know the qual consultant’s needs and deliver on all fronts. I always have peace-of-mind when using them and highly recommend them!

- Albert Sanchez

The IIM Experience

The Insights in Marketing Difference

At Insights in Marketing, we blend energy and creativity to ignite your project experience. With over 35 years of connecting people to global brands, we understand the importance of insightful, actionable consumer research.

Our SpeakEasy™ platform embodies this spirit, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for clients, consultants, and consumers alike.

Ready to Elevate Your Market Research?

Contact us today to learn how SpeakEasy™ can transform your consumer research experience.

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