Fast Research That Moves at the Pace of Business

Skipping marketing research due to short timelines can lead to disastrous consequences when it comes to revenue and profitability. Fortify your marketing decisions and meet aggressive timelines with IIM Branded Solutions.

Our IIM Branded Solutions

i2Q Same Day In-Person and Online Fast Research Solutions

Insights are important, but so are deadlines. We understand that marketers and researchers feel the pressure to crank out marketing decisions in stride with the pace of business, but that doesn’t mean you need to short change your research efforts to meet a tight deadline. Insights in Marketing has created quick turn research solutions that make it possible to receive qualitative and quantitative insights in the same day. Find out more about i2Q Same Day Research Solution and never skimp on research again.

  • i2Q In Person: i2Q In Person combines an in-person quantitative measurement session of consumers in 1+ markets with an in-depth qualitative discussion to create a holistic fast research solution.
  • i2Q Online:For a quick market research solution that’s equal parts quantitative survey and qualitative study, i2Q Online uses a national or representative sample of target consumers to conduct an in-depth online survey with a qualitative research follow up.

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