Our Qualitative Solution


When it comes to ethnographic research methods, we never stray too far from what works – but, of course, we always find a way to put our creative spin on classic research methodology! Drawing from highly effective ethnographic research fundamentals like lifestyle immersion, in-home observation, friendship groups, and pre-interview journals we create a more natural setting that allows consumers to simply be themselves so research can focus on the insight that really matters.


Have you ever found yourself captivated by a focus group? Odds are, not likely. Our number one goal when moderating a focus group is to facilitate an experience that is engaging, fun, and insightful for both participants and clients. With unique and creative exercises performed throughout the groups and our legendary icebreaker technique, our approach to qualitative focus group research will have clients and participants alike losing track of time and buzzing with new ideas.


There is just as much consumer insight to glean online as in-person. Insights in Marketing combines decades of experience between behavioral specialists and savvy researchers to create online marketing research methods that engage a broader, active market online. With tried-and-true techniques like digital diaries, bulletin boards, and group discussions, we craft customized online qualitative research solutions that feel anything but rudimentary.


Our research depth and capabilities really stand out in our mobile research methods. Obtain real-time, in-the-moment feedback with a large audience and see into consumers’ lives through text, photo and video. Driven by the quick and casual nature of the approach, mobile qualitative approaches capture valuable and candid feedback.


Whether you need unbiased input free from groupthink or honest customer feedback on consumer behaviors and attitudes that may involve sensitive topics, Insights in Marketing leads market research individual discussions that evoke both comfort and openness from respondents. Glean rich and exclusive information on the qualitative brand research you just can’t get in a group setting.


Our iimForum service distinguishes us from other qualitative research companies. iimForum is IIM’s cost effective way to collect consumer perspective and opinions from the general population, users or targets of a brand or category or consumers living a particular lifestyle. With iimForum’s community and panel marketing research, you have access to fast and continuous consumer perspective and opinions. Our consumer forums can last weeks or even years, and we always design them to meet your specific learning objectives.