HMS Design

The Challenge

HMS Design and their client are in the process of updating the client’s brand of ethnic hair care products and understanding the end client’s brand equity.

Project Objectives

  1. Obtain consumer perception on three new positioning statements focusing on hair wellness
  2. Understanding client’s brand equity in the natural hair space
  3. Informing the new positioning as fast as possible
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Our Customized Approach

We conducted an iimPronto survey to determine which is the most appealing positioning. This included:

  1. Online quantitative sequential monadic survey in which each respondent evaluated each of the 3-proposed positioning (order rotated)
  2. Completed N=200 interviews among African American women age 18+ with textured hair (natural or chemically treated) who also:
    1. Are looking for healthier hair & who like versatility for their hair
    2. Passed security screening 18+
    3. Shop in brick & mortar for hair care products
    4. Are aware of the target brands & are non-brand rejecters
  3. The 18-minute survey was conducted over a seven-day period May 22 – 23.
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Key Insights

Client has strong brand awareness, but there is opportunity for the brand to drive greater trial and retention with stronger brand relevance

The brand has strong permission from consumers to play in the natural ingredients and natural hair space

Current formula messaging should be maintained, and an opportunity remains to educate consumers on its benefits

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The Results

Client was confidently able to land on positioning and move forward to develop new packaging.

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