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Winning Consumer Sentiment

2021 Consumer Insights

Our People – Welcome Nicole Potter

Consultants Corner

Ron Raskin, Owner/Consultant

First of all, thank you for reading our new quarterly newsletter! We all have a lot of unanswered questions right now, so we decided the time’s right to start a conversation and share insights we’re discovering. These are questions a lot of people are asking me right now:

  • How has the pandemic changed consumer research?
  • What’s the shelf life of consumer research?
  • Which new consumer behaviors could shape future branding, advertising and marketing?

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How has the pandemic changed consumer research?

There’s nothing like the fun energy created by people getting together in person, but we’ve discovered innovative and creative ways to gather and present consumer insights online. Our technology based methodologies are proving to be a huge benefit for our clients who need fast actionable insights to make critical decisions.

It’s also allowed us to engage with a broader range of consumers as most of the world is working from home. Some of these consumers may not have been available for in-person research, but can hop on the webcam for online research. Many of these consumers have really enjoyed the experience of being able to share their thoughts, making them potentially more available for when in-person research comes back.

What’s the shelf life of consumer research?

Like all good things, consumer insights do have an expiration date. It’s a good practice to audit consumer insights to learn when and how the information was gathered. Almost everyone’s lifestyle and shopping habits changed dramatically over the past year, and some historic consumer behavior and motivations may not provide an accurate prediction for future behavior.

As the landscape of consumer needs change so quickly now with new ways to shop, to view media, to be engaged by messaging…there is a need to make sure that brand messaging is relevant.

Which new consumer behaviors could shape future branding, advertising, and marketing?

Lifestyle changes, demographic shifts and new buying behavior will definitely shape future branding, advertising and marketing. The homebody lifestyle during the pandemic completely changed the way people shop, eat and drink, and these new behaviors are inspiring innovation in the food and beverage category. Pent up demand and vaccines are also starting to boost consumer confidence, and our new consumer insights infographic highlights five brand categories that could benefit from new consumer behaviors beyond 2021.

What’s Trending?
Food Trends

Understanding Consumers Inspires Innovation & Growth

The homebody lifestyle changed the way people shop, eat and drink. Five new consumer behaviors in the food and beverage category could shape the future of branding, advertising and marketing.

Winning Consumer Sentiment

Need to make smart decisions really fast?

Quick-turn research is the best way to learn if brand strategies and messages ring true with consumers. Champion Petfoods is a great example. They understand consumers, and are gaining brand loyalty with organic pet foods, regional sourcing and advocacy for locally owned businesses.

2021 Consumer Insights

Are you ready for pent up demand and vaccines to change consumer behavior?

Five brand categories are expected to benefit from pent-up-demand and effective vaccines beyond 2021. Our consumer insights infographic explains how lifestyle changes, demographic shifts and new buying behavior can drive growth and innovation.

Welcome Nicole Potter!

Meet our New Field Manager Nicole Potter

Nicole’s superpowers are organizational wizardry and grace under pressure. Nicole brings 15 years of market research recruiting and project management experience to our team, and her organizational wizardry brings the consumer voice to our research partners.

As our Field Manager, Nicole recruits ideal research respondents, directs training, and organizes logistics for market research. Grace under pressure is truly her superpower, and she anticipates and resolves challenges to make the research experience feel effortless yet fun for everyone involved.

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