Kara Kohr

Director, Field Team

Living by the mantra ‘Get-er-done well,’ Kara Kohr manages all aspects of our clients’ qualitative research projects from start to finish. She collaborates with clients, suppliers and the IIM team to ensure project objectives are met on budget, and makes sure research reports are delivered on time.

Kara is an expert trouble-shooter, and always proactively identifies potential issues, and has a solution on hand to overcome hurdles. Kara’s proactive approach, positive mindset and expertise deliver the actionable consumer insights our clients count on to make confident decisions.

Insights about Kara

If Kara were a brand, she would be: Cuisinart
Reliable, high quality but still accessible, and gets the job done!

My research superpower: Anticipation
By being proactive, I head off issues and tackle problems before they have a chance to surface. And because our team is highly experienced, we have tried and true solutions to head off just about any issue that may arise.