Household & Durable Goods

Furniture Care Provider

The Challenge

Our client’s brand had just dealt with a challenging year due to heavy competitive activity, pantry loading and corporate cannibalization. To make matters worse, slow product use-up and lower medial spending levels had contributed to a significant decline in sales.

Our Tools

  • Ethnographic Video In-Home & IDI’s

Clients Objectives

  • To understand how attitudes and dusting/furniture care behaviors differ between heavy/light users.
  • To identify why heavy users choose the product more frequently than light users.
  • To understand what, if anything, are obstacles limiting the usage of the product.

Our Customized Approach

Our team conducted a series of in-home video ethnographies, where participants recorded themselves and their cleaning behaviors over several weeks. Then, we met with each participant to review their behavior and gain a better understanding of their attitudes toward our client’s product.

Key Insights

  • Brand equity appeared to be limiting how/when the product was being used.
  • Heavy users applied the product on a variety of surfaces and typically cared about the quality of the clean.
  • Light users cared more about the speed of the clean.
  • Brand advertising needed to be modified to communicate the alternative uses for the product.
  • A new messaging strategy was needed Brand equity appeared to be limiting how/when the product was being used for the light users to increase product usage.

The Result

This in-home research study led to several breakthrough insights for the brand, significantly impacting the brand’s messaging strategy and ultimately improving business results.