Nicole Potter

Field Team

Nicole Potter brings 15 years of market research recruiting and project management experience to our team, and her organizational wizardry brings the consumer voice to our research partners. She works with purpose, and makes it her mission to be helpful, and has a magical way of making everyone feel calm.

As a part of our field team, Nicole recruits ideal research respondents, directs training and organizes logistics for market research. Grace under pressure is truly her super power, and she anticipates and resolves challenges to make the research experience feel effortless and fun for everyone involved.

Insights about Nicole

If Nicole were a brand, she would be: Nordstrom
I do things with purpose, am organized and make it my mission to be helpful and make
people feel calm.

My research superpower: Compassion
As an empath, I really take what people say to heart. In our profession, It’s important to
always be aware of the way people feel, and how they respond to what we say and do.