Household & Durable Goods

Home Appliance Manufacturer

The Challenge

A major appliance manufacturer lacked marketplace differentiation and was looking to create an emotional consumer connection with its target market. As such, it wanted to devise a messaging strategy that would go beyond functional category benefits to create an emotional consumer connection.

Our Tools

  • In-Person IDIs & Groups
  • Online Web Cam Interviews


Client Objectives

  • Identify meaningful, emotional insights to leverage in marketing communications
  • Understand the persuasion and breakthrough potential of various advertising campaigns
  • Translate a lead advertising campaign for online use in a way that emotionally resonates with consumers and is easy to navigate

Our Customized Approach

We conducted a series of in-depth, one-on-one interviews and used video-based homework of people performing household chores to identify emotional, meaningful insights. Utilizing these insights, the client team created advertising concepts that IIM tested with consumers during in-person focus groups. Once an ad concept was selected, IIM conducted webcam interviews with consumers to test the concept’s effectiveness online via website usability testing.

The Results

Based on the insights from this work, the client was able to: Introduce a new integrated marketing campaign which included TV, print, in-store and online communication vehicles

  • Leverage a newly identified emotional link to brand perception in their communications. Improve sales and increase brand relevancy