Tracy Paukstys

Head of People and Culture

Strategic, passionate, and just bit spicy, Tracy Paukstys knows marketing and research. Over the course of her career, she held several consumer insights & analytics leadership positions with top global consumer brands, so she knows the value research brings in helping brands grow and thrive and she knows how to develop talent.

Tracy is also someone who deeply believes in the power of people, leadership, and culture – for her, these three things will make or break the success of any company. So, it’s fitting then her role focuses on ensuring IIM cultivates an experience where every employee feels a sense of belonging, develops to their potential, and meaningfully impacts IIM’s commitment to delivering actionable insights and getting clients to love research.

Insights about Tracy:

If Tracy were a brand, she would be: Grey Poupon
A bit spicy with a unique bite and can hang with hot dogs or filet mignon.

My research superpower: I have the ability to act as a human Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. This helps me understand people at a deeper level, which allows me to form better working relationships with them, help them form better working relationships with others, and help them tap into their natural strengths to drive their performance.