Katelyn Harford

Executive Assistant

Meet IIM’s Trend Setter, Katelyn Harford

When it comes to beauty, fashion, food, travel and everything that’s cool, Katelyn Harford is a trend setter. She’s always a step ahead of the latest industry trends, and enjoys learning what’s next through market research.

Katelyn’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she loves learning about new products. As our executive assistant, she works magic behind the scenes managing projects, planning unforgettable research experiences and meticulously reviewing IIM reports.

She is passionate about creativity and collaboration, and Katelyn always makes a real impact by inspiring everyone in her universe to love market research.

Insights about Katelyn

Our executive assistant is all about the details:

If Katelyn were a brand, she would be: Apple

Like Apple, she is creative, stylish, and always improving.

Katelyn’s superpower: Eagle eyes

Our team counts on Katelyn’s eye for detail and love of planning.