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Quantitative Market Research: Collecting, Interpreting and Delivering Insightful Results

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More science than art, we weave statistical-based techniques into our quantitative market research to objectively test hypotheses, measure preferences and provide valuable insights to you. We can analyze and review past quantitative research data. In doing so, we can also integrate syndicated and secondary data to uncover deeper, broader category and product insights.

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Concept, Idea or Platform Screening

An online quantitative research survey conducted when a large number of concepts, ideas or platforms exist and decisions need to be made as to which are worthy of moving forward into the next phase of development.

Concept or Positioning Testing

An online quantitative survey by a quantitative research agency and conducted on a small set of concepts or positioning statements to understand consumer appeal and areas of optimization and refinement.

Concept/Product Fit Testing

A quantitative survey conducted in-home (IHUT) or in a central location (CLT) on a winning concept and prototype product to determine whether or not the product delivers on the concept’s promise in this quantitative data research method.

Product Testing

A quantitative survey conducted in-home (IHUT) or in a central location (CLT) on a reformulated or new product to determine from this quantitative research data how to optimize for peak performance.

Pricing Analytics

The process of examining and evaluating a proposed price for a new or existing product.  As a quantitative data research company, our process leverages a variety of pricing and statistical models to help optimize in-market price.


Quantitative market research includes the art of applying a statistical process to survey data to divide consumers into distinctly different segments.  This research helps support the development of optimal strategies for targeting, communication and new product development.

Brand Equity Measurement & Tracking

An online quantitative survey conducted when marketers want to understand and monitor, over time, the true value and point of difference of their brand vs. competitive brands. This quantitative data research enables product and communication optimization.

Packaging Research

The use of a variety of different survey and statistical techniques to help marketers optimize package design, structure and/or placement at shelf based on quantitative research data.

Attitudes & Usage

Foundational survey research that provides insight into how, when and where products are used along with the consumer attitudes and motivations for usage.

Advertising Testing

Survey research that includes the brand’s actual or conceptual advertising.  It is conducted to understand how well consumers respond and relate to the brand’s message.  This research is used to optimize the brand’s advertising message prior to investing in it.


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