Household & Durable Goods

Electronics Manufacturer

The Challenge

A prominent electronics manufacturer came to IIM seeking a way to increase its presence in the consumer digital storage category by exploring product ideas that would address relevant consumer needs.

Our Tools

  • Ethnographic Video In-Home
  • Quantitative A&U
  • Choice Modeling

Client Objectives

  • Explore consumer habits and usage of electronic photo/video storage tools
  • Understand and quantify current attitudes, behaviors and uncover need gaps
  • Uncover the most important features within the resulting new product ideas that address consumer need gaps

Our Customized Approach

IIM implemented a combination of observation-based research and large quantitative studies to help identify key, unmet consumer needs. We conducted a series of video in-home ethnographies to explore consumer habits and usage. Following the video in-homes, an A&U was conducted to uncover attitudes, behaviors and need gaps. From these two studies, new product ideas were created and choice modeling was used to determine the most important features of the new products that would address consumer need gaps.

The Results

Through our approach, we were able to:

  • Identify a new category opportunity by uncovering a consumer need gap
  • Outline top new product concepts, optimal price ranges, and key product features
  • Distinguish communication priorities and target markets for each product concept