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Young businesswoman discusses different marketing research tools with a colleague.

The Power of Combining Research Tools

Your Research Toolbox In your research toolbox, you have all sorts of different tools and techniques you can use.…

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Paving the Way to Improved Research Results, One Question at a Time

Co-Author: Kristen Elfstrand, Field Manager In a previous blog post, IIM detailed the importance of relationships with…

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Day time focus group sits at table having a discussion.

Day Groups Rule and Night Groups Drool

Flashback (The Forlorn Focus Group…)

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7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Technology-Based Qualitative Research

When is the Right Time to Use Online Research? You might ask yourself, why would I use an online or mobile approach for…

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Mobile Market Research: Using Technology to Gain Deeper, Richer Insights

Why Mobile Research Is Important With more than 125 million smartphone and 52 million tablet subscribers in the U.S. by…

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How to Recruit for Articulate Research Respondents

A Well-Chosen Articulation Question Is Essential for Impactful ResearchRead More

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