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Beyond the Back Room: Alternative Research Techniques That Complement Traditional Research

Often, clients come to Insights in Marketing thinking traditional focus groups will be the best tool to get at an issue…

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Businessman stands in front of large keyhole opening in a wall with data analytics written on it.

Going From Data to Greater Insights Through Data Driven Market Research

There is a tremendous amount of quantitative survey work being done around the world – some through quick and dirty…

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Businessman jumping into action from the top of a set of stairs leading up to office building.

Consumer Insights…How to Inspire Action

How many insights decks have you received that were hard to follow, lacked clear implications, or were just plain…

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Vegetables and fruits assorted by color to demonstrate consumer relationships with food.

Capturing Consumers’ Emotional Connection With Food

That old saying "you are what you eat" holds more truth now than it ever did before. Recently IIM came across an…

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