Communication is at the core of marketing.  In order for marketing efforts to be successful, communication must be strong and effective.  Market research can provide information critical to helping you build strong and effective communications.

There have been a number of effective and memorable advertising campaigns over the years.  Several of the best are great examples of how market research can influence and impact a brand’s communications.  Everyone has heard of Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World ( And who doesn’t remember Old Spice’s The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (  Market research played a great role in influencing both of those campaigns.  Continue reading to learn how you can use market research to build strong communications.

 Do you know who your consumers are?

If you are trying to communicate with your consumers, you first must identify them.  Most marketers will say “Of course we know our consumers!”  But who you think your consumers are and who your consumers really are may not always align.

Only men wear Old Spice, right?   But when it comes to body wash, women do most of the purchasing.  When Old Spice uncovered this particular insight, they realized they needed to find a way to speak to the female purchaser without alienating the male user.

 How well do you really know your consumers?

Once identified, you need to get as close to your consumers as possible so that you can begin to anticipate their needs and desires.  Opinions, attitudes, beliefs can all be garnered through different types of market research.

In their research, Dos Equis uncovered that one of the biggest fears of young, male bar-goers was to be thought of as boring.  This revelation is one that inspired them to introduce the Most Interesting Man in the World.

 Where are your consumers?

To maximize the impact of your communication, it is imperative that your consumers be exposed to your message. Market research can help ensure you are placing your message in the most appropriate place to reach your consumers, using channels they’re most likely to pay attention to.

Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was an immediate hit.  Eclipsing the success of the ad spots, though, was the social media whirlwind that ensued.  In all, over 180 personal video messages were posted online responding to fans’ comments on social media.

 How should you speak to your consumers?

You have identified your consumers, you’ve gotten to know them better, and you have pinpointed the best communication channels.  Now it’s time to create a specific message for the target audience.  This will allow you to speak more authentically and relate more emotionally to your brand’s consumers.  The result will be consumers that are more likely to listen to your message, and communication that resonates with consumers.

For Dos Equis, this meant introducing a character that young, bar-going males wouldn’t see as a threat.  Instead, it is someone they can aspire to be, work toward.

 Are your consumers getting the message?

Communication is a two way street.  To be considered effective, your consumers have to understand the message you intended for them to hear.  The only way to ensure your message is heard accurately is to test it.

It is important to note that your campaign does not need to be an internet sensation to be considered effective and successful.  Dos Equis and Old Spice both had successful campaigns that went viral.  Far more important though, is that they had messages that resonated with their consumers.

When leveraged appropriately, market research can elevate your messaging and help build strong, effective communications.  By answering a few simple questions, your communication to your consumers can have a significant, lasting impact.  Insights garnered from market research provided Old Spice and Dos Equis with critical information that helped create their high-profile leading men.

What do you think?  Are your communications really resonating with your target audience?

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