In the 1920s, the train was king for cross country travel, and various railroads fought for “market share” as each tried to run the best train company for travelers.

Then, along came passenger planes. The railroad industry failed to recognize the power of new “technology” and that their customers’ needs were evolving as air travel provided incremental benefits relative to rail travel. The rest as they say is history.

So, it is 2012 and I would like you to fill in this blank: When you call Insights in Marketing for a marketing research project … you are thinking about ________________? My guess is many of you filled in the blank with “focus groups.”

Sure, you know we excel at identifying the deep, underlying consumer truths that drive brand growth…and, for over twenty years, our main mode of “transportation” has been groups. However, unlike the myopic railway leadership we were never short-sighted; we were never in the “group” business. We recognized the opportunities of new “technology” and changing Client needs. From the start, Insights in Marketing’s mission has been to deliver deep underlying consumer truths that positively impact marketing and strategy decisions utilizing the best methodologies available.

IIM has fully embraced the evolution in research methodologies to meet your evolving needs and to ensure we continue uncovering consumer truths that provide a competitive edge to drive brand share and margin.

So, now, when you think of leveraging our consulting acumen for your business you can consider all of the tools in Insights in Marketing’s tool box (in addition to traditional groups):

  • Shop-a-longs
  • Ethnographies
  • Online bulletin boards and online focus groups
  • Online diaries
  • Mobile qualitative
  • Online communities
  • Website usability
  • Custom quantitative research
  • Hybrid or mixed methodologies, like our Same Day Quant/Qual Approach

Recognizing the growing trend of “commoditization” in our field (can you say RFP from purchasing?), we identified the relevant client benefits that differentiated us versus competitors offering similar “tool boxes;” to understand where and how Insights in Marketing added meaningful value.

The answer was the same as the premise we set in place in 1989…whether ethnographies, website usability studies, or groups, Clients know they can count on us to deliver deeper insights and richer solutions; providing critical learnings that move their businesses forward and we get it right the first time … all with a little bit of fun along the way.

You and Insights in Marketing…embracing change for better results.  Let’s fly together!