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marketing to women

Marketing to Women: Demographic Trends Shape the Marketing Landscape

Women are now the world’s most powerful consumers, driving up to 85 percent of purchasing decisions. Six key…

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The Biggest Key to Earning Consumer Passion

What does consumer passion for a brand look like? When a consumer can rely on your brand 24/7, you’re pretty much…

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Unraveling the Paradox of Consumer Decision Making to Develop Products Your Target Consumers Want

Have you ever talked to consumers & they tell you that some feature is a really important part of a product, but if…

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Thanks to Digital Media, Kids Are Growing Up Faster

Watch Out! Thanks to Digital Media, Kids Are Growing Up Faster Than Ever Access to adult-oriented information has never…

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4 Essentials in Marketing to Female Consumers

Is marketing to female consumers a struggle for your brand? If so, you’re not alone. Our research shows marketers are…

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