Qualitative Research

Top Tips for Conducting Focus Groups with Children

Despite not making most of their own purchases, kids have tremendous influence over which products make it into their…

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Not Using Mobile in Your Qualitative Research? It’s (Well Past) Time!

If mobile engagements aren’t already among your frequently-used approaches for both qualitative and quantitative data…

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Online Qualitative & Quantitative Research: A Match Made in Heaven

It’s no secret qualitative and quantitative market research are highly complementary to each other and, together,…

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Is it Time to Update Your Existing Research?

The Short Shelf-Life of Data You make a significant investment in marketing research and you expect the data to be…

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Ready to Take Your Qualitative Analysis Mobile? Here’s What You Need to Know

In the past, when people heard the words "qualitative - engagement" and "mobile," texting sprang to mind. Today,…

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Tips for Managing the Virtual Backroom

As experienced qualitative consultants well know, the consumer discussion is only one piece of research engagements…

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