Tech-Savviness Among Women Ties to Their Values, Habits, and Personalities

Why are some women running a mile a minute on twitter, multitasking on multiple devices and taking over the internet while others barely care to learn how to search on google?   Despite our society’s technological evolution, not all women have evolved to match the latest technological trends. The fact remains that there something is different inside every women that influences her preferences and appetite for technology.  What is different? Well, IIM wanted to find out.  So we did some research.  Based on our proprietary study, we have discovered a correlation between the values, habits, and personalities of women and their tech preferences and behavior.

What did we find?  Well we find that there are 5 different types of women and each has a different approach to technology!

The 5 Segments of Women & Their Views on Technology

So which woman is your target market and how does this translate to her tech and communication preferences?   Find out below.

Implications for Marketers

So, now that we have identified the types of women and their views on technology, what does this mean for marketers?  Well that depends on who you are talking to, below are some general tips to really resonate each type of woman:

  • For Tech-Dependent Teresa (17% of women) – Communicate messages that save her time and keep her on track for success.  Don’t forget to make technology a core part of her experience!
  • For Simply My Life Sally (23% of women) – Appeal to her practical nature and show her your values align with her own, but don’t assume she will receive your message on the latest tech platform!
  • For Cautious Camille (20% of women) – Go back basics and communicate messages that reassure her the risk of trying your product or service is low and will pay off.
  • For Hesitant Hannah (17% of women) – Be respectful of her personal space and don’t bombard her with too much information!
  • For Early Adopter Amanda (23% of women) – Make sure your product delivers because she will share her experience with others.  Also, offer her many avenues / outlets to share digitally.

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