At Insights in Marketing we help clients develop the most complete picture of their target audience so they can build emotional and lasting connections with them. With that thought in mind, I have selected the ad from Super Bowl 50 that I felt truly connected with consumers. Drum roll please…..


Let me explain my decision. Historically the NFL has primarily touted its stars and merchandise in a manner that was superior and unappealing. “Buy this jersey so that you can be like me.” (Typically peddled by an athlete I dislike.) “If you’re a true fan, you should own this overpriced t-shirt” (Just because…) What’s worse is that we all feel that the NFL has lost some of its shine in the wake of recent scandals…They just aren’t giants anymore (no offense Eli).

They had missed the “WHY” behind consumers’ loyalty to the sport and individual franchises.  Why did consumers still purchase tickets and memorabilia and continue to tune in?  Well this year they finally got it….they unlocked the mystery.  It’s not about the jerseys, or the athletes, or the “brand.”  Football is watching, hoping, cheeringcrying, and celebrating with…FAMILY!  Cheers to the NFL for recognizing that.

This year’s “NFL is Family” campaign was the best example of understanding the COMPLETE picture of their target audience and building emotional and lasting connections. Check out some of the ads below, including the Super Bowl Babies ad.  Do you have a favorite?  Email me and let me know!

This blog was authored by Katie Wilson, Asst. Marketing Manager and avid football fan at Insights in Marketing.