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Consultants Corner

Jackie Short, Quantitative Analyst

As the pandemic drags on, most of us are under a lot of pressure to innovate and make faster strategic decisions. It’s always risky for businesses to make assumptions based on past experiences or old data. And during the pandemic, it’s even more important to stay in the now.

Blending quantitative and qualitative market research gives decision makers the actionable consumer insights to innovate, identify growth opportunities and create a better customer experience.

How can market research help us make faster strategic decisions?

It gives decision makers confidence to make quicker decisions when they have actionable consumer insights in their hands. Quick-turn market research delivers real-time data within hours or days, and here are six ways to speed up market research timelines.

Why is it risky to rely on historical data?

Historical data may not reflect new consumer behavior and emerging preferences. Most people have new shopping habits and expect brands to be purpose-driven. And, multiple studies have found over 75% of consumers are trying different brands and want more personalized products, services and shopping experiences.

Why is it important to blend quantitative and qualitative market research?

The best way to gain a competitive edge is to keep your finger on the pulse of your customers, and the consumers in your brand category. Quantitative research identifies category drivers and sustainable consumer segments to dig deeper and gain qualitative insights that explain consumer behavior, motivations and the key benefit people love (or don’t love) about a product, service, place or experience.

Get to Know Jackie, Our Ace Analyst

When it comes to the analysis of market research, Jackie is our ace. As a management consultant for a leading global consultancy, she honed her innate ability to serve up category drivers, and actionable consumer insights to impact the bottom line.

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