The Women 2020 Study

Reaching Millennials Using Research as a Basis

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leverage data mobile devices

Ecommerce Insights: Why Data from Mobile Devices is a Game Changer

Mobile devices connect shoppers to the internet from virtually anywhere, and marketers strengthen consumer connections…

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Generations 2020 Study

A Study of Generational Attitudes & Perceptions About Cannabis Legalization and Usage IIM’s proprietary…

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How Does Color Affect Consumer Behavior?

There’s no denying the impact of color on marketing. From influencing impulse buying to establishing trust, the colors…

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4 Essentials in Marketing to Female Consumers

Is marketing to female consumers a struggle for your brand? If so, you’re not alone. Our research shows marketers are…

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focus groups are relevant

Qualitative Research Inspires Innovation

Five Reasons Focus Groups Remain Relevant In The Era Of Zoom And Big Data As technology grows and new and different…

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