Five Key Insights to Authentically Connect With Generation Z 

Tween, teen, and twenty-something women are shaking up the way other generations shop, work and think about race and gender. Consumer research explains what matters most to the next gen woman.  

Generation Z includes people born after 1997, and they are the most racially diverse and educated generation of women in history according to Pew Research Center. This generation has endured war, terrorist attacks, gun violence, the Great Recession and the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, they are resilient, and over 70% believe their lives need to make a difference in the world.   

Consumer research explains how brands can authentically connect with Gen Z women: 

  • They buy brands aligned with their personal values, and are cost and quality conscious 
  • They are the most diverse generation in history, and value equal rights and inclusivity 
  • They are on track to be the most educated generation, and most aspire to be their own boss 
  • They are digital natives, and discover brands and shop using smartphones — even from inside brick and mortar stores 
Social Changemakers 

Two out of three Gen Z women buy brands aligned with their personal values, and use their purchasing power to advocate for social issues: 

  • 81% believe it is important for girls to receive a STEM education 
  • 75% believe there needs to be a more open dialogue about mental health 
  • 72% believe it is important to buy environmentally friendly brands   
  • 65% expect brands to take a stand on social issues, and support local communities 
  • 44% make an effort to shop at minority-owned businesses whenever possible 

SourceGirl Up Foundation – Marie Claire Survey 

Diverse and Inclusive 

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in history, and they value inclusivity: 

  • 62% believe racial diversity is good for society 
  • 59% believe forms and online profiles should include options other than ‘man’ or ‘woman’ 
  • 48% believe gay and lesbian marriages are good for society 

Source: Pew Research Center 

Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Gen Z is on track to be the most educated generation of women in history, and multiple studies indicate they are joining the workforce later than any other generations because they are focusing on school. A survey of Gen Z middle and high school students found: 

  • 77% want to be their own boss 
  • 45% intend to run their own business 
  • 42% aspire to invent something to transform the world 

Source: Gallup-HOPE Index   

Conscientious Shoppers 

Over 90% of Gen Z shops on Amazon, and many seek unique finds from boutiques, thrift stores and online resale sites to shop sustainably. They choose brands based on: 

  • 60% Price 
  • 18% Shared values 
  • 9% Social media presence  
  • 7% Friends’ and family influence 
  • 6% Other reasons 
  • 60% Price 
  • 18% Shared values 
  • 9% Social media presence  
  • 7% Friends’ and family influence 
  • 6% Other reasons 

Source: EYBusiness Insider 

Digital Natives 

Over 80% of Gen Z use an iPhone to shop, play games, stream movies and get news. Their main news sources are: 

  • 58.7% Social media (primarily Instagram and YouTube) 
  • 49.9% TV 
  • 36.2% Friends 
  • 30.8% Online news 
  • 29.3% Parents 
  • 21% Radio 
  • 9.7% Newspapers 
  • 9% Avoid news 

Source: Piper Jaffray-Business Insider 

Consumer insights empower brands to connect with next gen women 

Gaining a complete understanding of the way people live, work and shop can support brand innovation, growth strategies and explain brand loyalty. Generation Z values authenticity, and qualitativequantitative  and quick-turn consumer research and analysis can explain what it takes to earn their loyalty. 

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