What Is Your Brand Doing To Address Issues People Care About? 

When marketing gets real, it has the power to break down barriers impacting real people.

Gatorade’s ‘Fuel Tomorrow’ program gets affirmational marketing right. It targets inequity in sports with the trifecta of a meaningful message, a game plan and investments that are breaking down barriers. By design, the program is inspiring girls to participate in sports and creating an inclusive sports culture by educating coaches, athletic trainers and the broader sports community. 



As a long-time national partner of the Women’s Sports Foundation, Gatorade is instrumental in helping fuel athletic performance, and invests in the growth of youth sports across the country  

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, sports participation offers tremendous life-long benefits – from improved physical health and self-esteem, to better grades in school and enhanced leadership skills.  

However, in the last decade, youth participation in sports has been on a double-digit decline.  The decline is largely due to a lack of resources and limited access to athletic programs. And, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation, young girls of color are disproportionately excluded.  


Why Affirmational Marketing Matters 

Brand values and activism have never mattered more. In fact, the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer found: 


  • Nearly 60 percent of consumers buy brands based on their values and beliefs 
  • Almost 6 in 10 employees choose a workplace based on shared values and expect their CEO to take a stand on societal issues 
  • 64 percent of investors back businesses aligned with their values 


What Is Your Brand Doing To Address Issues People Care About? 

Qualitative and quantitative market research evokes feedback from consumers, employees and investors to create a more complete understanding of their values, needs, habits, interests, and feelings. These consumer insights also explain the logic behind the behavior and subconscious emotions that motivate people to buy a brand, choose an employer or invest in a business.  

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