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Consultants Corner

Brian Fletcher VP, Consulting

These days, consumer research is the next best thing to having a crystal ball. Everybody has adopted new habits, and our lifestyles and shopping behavior are going to continue changing for a while as we begin to work, learn, shop and play in the real world again.

Listening to consumers is the best way to understand how people are really feeling, and the homebody habits they believe will stick.

Below are the questions questions you shared, and our discoveries.

What has surprised you most about online shopping behavior?

I’m really surprised by the about face on privacy concerns. Most online shoppers will now openly share their information to get personalized offers and products. We believe online shopping habits are likely to endure as people go back to work and have busier schedules. People like the convenience of shopping from anywhere at any time, and bargain hunters save tons of time searching online.

What are you learning through generational research?

Young digital natives were expected to drive eCommerce over the next five years. In reality, younger people are craving in-person experiences, and older generations are the fastest growing segment of online shoppers. We’re also discovering it’s important to identify decision makers throughout the shopping journey because different household members may influence choices throughout the path to purchase.

Why is it important to combine research methodologies?

The Wall Street Journal has a great article explaining the relevance of focus groups, individual and friendship interviews, and more qualitative methodologies; and how marketers get a better return on their research investment when quantitative data is combined with qualitative consumer insights. I specialize in behavioral science, and truly value my colleague Caroline Roe’s quantitative expertise. She just published a case study with Worthington Industries explaining how combined research methodologies helped them launch a direct-to-consumer product.

Get to Know Brian, IIM’s VP of Qualitative Research

When it comes to consumer research,  Brian Fletcher is our people person. His ability to relate to people makes everyone in the room feel heard, and his expertise in behavioral psychology uncovers meaningful consumer insights.

Generational Research
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Consumer Insights
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Strategic Planning

Need to Make Informed Decisions?

Qualitative, Quantitative and Quick-Turn Consumer Research are the cornerstones of innovative brand strategies and authentic messages that ring true with people.

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Shopping Behavior
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